Flexible Tyre Couplings

Salient Features

  • Lakshmi Curved Tooth Flexible Gear Couplings are distinguished by their mechanical flexibility and compensation of angular, parallel and axial misalignments of the connected shafts.
  • High power carrying capacity
  • These are designed for extensive applications in metal rolling mills, paper machinery, cranes, dredgers, rubber & plastic industries, cement plants, conveyors & elevators, compressors, fans & blowers, screens and other general industries.
  • Flexible gear couplings basically consist of two hubs, with crowned external teeth and two outer sleeves with internal spur teeth. Gear hubs and the outer sleeves are manufactured from carbon steel and are hardened to the required degree. They are machined to fine tolerances for proper meshing of the gears as well as for inter-changeability.
  • Suitable for grease/oil lubrication.
  • Seal Carrier for easy maintenance & replacement of O-ring.
  • Range
    • 19 sizes in Standard version with following specifications:
    • Power : 11.5 to 12,700 Kw at 100 rpm
    • Torque : 1100 - 12,00,000 Nm
    • Bore Diameter : 20 - 600 mm
  • Variants available
    • Half Rigid Half Flexible Couplings
    • Torsion shaft Gear Couplings
    • Spacer Type
    • Shear Pin Protection