Flexible Tyre Couplings

Salient Features

  • Standard range of metric pulleys to cover drives upto 250 kW approx.
  • Dual duty grooves conforming to ISO Specifications to perfectly match classical 'V' and SpaceSaver Wedge section belts.
  • Cater to Speed Ratios upto 1:7.
  • Easyfit (Taper) Bushes used for quick fitment and removal.
  • Easyfit (Taper) Bushes accommodate shafts upto limits of +0.051 mm and -0.127 mm.
  • Made of high quality close grained Cast Iron.
  • All Arm & Web type pulleys supplied with Static balancing. Dynamic Balancing done on request at extra cost.

Custom Built Drives

  • Available with through bored pulleys without Easyfit (Taper) Bushes.
  • Pulleys with 'D' and 'E' section grooves or with more than 8 grooves of SPC section for higher H.P. drives like Crushers, Rolling Mills etc. in Solid and Split constructions.
  • Pulleys with higher diameter than those available in standard Easyfit (Taper) Bushes Pulley Range.
  • Pulleys with alternative material like Cast Steel etc.
  • Flywheel Pulleys.
  • Complete Jack-Shaft Drives including Jack-Shafts, Pedestals, Plummer Blocks, Bearings and Base plates mounted on Slide Rails.